Amazing Information on garlic that’ll knock your socks off!

Are you one of those people that think garlic is only used in cooking or to repel vampires?  There’s nothing more enticing than the smell of roasted garlic, however, in this video, you’re going to learn about the benefits of eating garlic and how garlic is good for health and, if that’s not enough, exactly what garlic cures in our top 5 best tips.  These tips are the go-to solution our family uses for maximum good health, and today, you will see how wide-ranging the medicinal properties of garlic really are.

Our top 5 health benefits of garlic are:

1. The Immune System
Packed with antioxidants, garlic boosts the immune system and provides relief from flu and colds.  If you often get colds, try garlic tea with a touch of honey.  Steep minced garlic in hot water, then strain and drink.

2. Antiseptic Properties
Garlic is antibacterial and antiviral.  It can be used as an antibiotic to treat (and help prevent) bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast and worm infections.

3. High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Garlic has been shown to help control, and in some cases, improve high blood pressure.  It also calms nerves and strengthens the heart.  Taking garlic supplements may lower LDL (or bad) cholesterol due to VERY high levels of Allicin, a sulphur compound believed to bring most of the health benefits.

4. Cancer Prevention
Garlic is one of the top foods that protect against cancer development, but do you want to know the best part?  Studies show a reduced risk of certain cancers, including stomach and colon cancer, in association with an increased intake of garlic.

5. Heart Disease
Garlic has been widely recognized as both a preventative agent and treatment of many cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, including thrombosis, hypertension and diabetes.
These 5 simple tips are highly effective, and – best of all -  these ingredients can be found right there in your kitchen!

And about now, you might be wondering … is that all?  NO! There’s more!  Here are some additional tips, showing that the benefits of garlic are pretty impressive.
Pimples and Acne:  Rub the cut side of a slice of garlic directly onto the pimple head.
Arthritis and Rheumatism:  When taken regularly, either by eating raw garlic or in capsule form, garlic acts as an anti-inflammatory and offers significant pain relief.
Insect Bites:  Rub the bite with the cut side of a slice of garlic.  This is very effective if the bite has become slightly infected as well.

Earache and Ear Infections:  Drop a few drops of garlic oil in each ear (even if only one ear is sore) and hold in place with a cotton ball.  Repeat several times a day till better.
Hair loss:  Prepare a mixture of:  1 tsp of garlic juice, 8oz rosemary tea, 1 tbsp honey and the juice of 1 lemon.  Rub the mixture over the scalp.

I want to end with a wonderful garlic oil recipe!  Useful for so many applications such as relieving toothache, ear infections, even cold sores.  Blend ½ cup of minced fresh garlic bulbs and ½ cup of olive oil.  Then add ¼ cup more olive oil and stir.  Put in a covered glass jar in a warm spot and let it sit for 10 days.  On day 10 strain it through a cloth and store in a well-sealed container in the fridge.

Do YOU have any garlic remedies you’d like to share?  We would love to hear about them!

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