7 Foods to Avoid - Empty Stomach

The Empty Stomach Diet –  7 Foods to Avoid

Chances are good that you’ve never heard of the empty stomach diet before however, today at StayHealthyTV we will cover what foods should be avoided on an empty stomach.  So check out the following list of foods to avoid on our Don’t List.  This can help you arrange your diet intake.

The DON'T list:  7 Foods to Avoid

1. Citrus fruit on an empty stomach
No! No! No! They’re packed with Vitamin C, but oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits aren’t the right choice of a morning. On an empty stomach, it’s said that the fruit acidity can be a major cause of heartburn.
2. Pears
Another fruit which is healthy, but nope - not recommended for breakfast consumption. Due to the crude fibre present in pears, it may lead to damage of the mucous membrane and create an unpleasant feeling in your stomach.
3. High sugar fruit juices
Classic fruit juices are full of refined sugar, leading to a sharp spike in your blood sugar levels.  This will leave you less satisfied and vulnerable to energy dips and cravings throughout the day.
4. Short Crust and Puff Pastry
Think twice about a continental breakfast. Croissants and Danishes might sound like a tempting start to your day, but they contain yeast, a type of bacteria that irritates the lining of the stomach that may cause flatulence. How tempting does a croissant sound right now?
5. Carbonated Drinks
Soda consumption is one of the leading causes of obesity, but even sugar-free carbonated benefits are not recommended on an empty stomach. Drinking them in the morning can damage mucous membranes and reduce blood supply to the stomach, making food digest more slowly, which can cause constipation.
6. Bananas
Bananas contain a huge amount of magnesium, which when eaten on an empty stomach can slip into your bloodstream and cause heart issues in later life. Bananas are great – but make sure you’ve got other food floating around in your stomach as well.

7. Green Veggies
Flatulence and Heartburn. Not things you’d really associate with vegetables, right?  Greens actually contain high levels of amino acids which may influence these on an empty stomach – but sure, have it at lunch!

If you have a weak digestive system, avoid these foods on an empty stomach.  Hunger can often make us grab for anything and sometimes, it’s the wrong thing!  Remember – not all food is suitable for use on an empty stomach.

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