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Is it really possible to drink tea to lose weight?  So many of us struggle with our weight – you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work.  Well here at StayHealthyTV we aim to tell you our top tips that show how it really is possible to lose weight - on a green tea diet – and keep it off!

1 Decaffeinated green tea extract has been found to help people lose weight. It’s recommended you drink 2-3 cups a day, AND exercise, to see the benefits.
2 If you carry excess pounds, incorporating green tea into a healthy, balanced diet may help you meet your goals.
3 We’ll say it again:  Physical activity as well as sufficient nightly sleep are also important.
4 Green tea or other low-calorie beverages before meals may help you to feel full, so drinking green tea for weight loss can help curb the urge to overeat -- partly because it's easy to mistake thirst for hunger.
5 Caffeine-free tea and moderate amounts of caffeinated tea also guard against dehydration,
6 Green tea is more than just hot, flavoured water. When you drink a cup of quality tea, you’re actually getting a large amount of beneficial substances, with potent biological effects.
7 Where Green tea really shines is in its massive range of antioxidants.  The most important of these is E G C G which is a substance that can boost your metabolism.
8 In one study, men who took green tea extract, and exercised, burned 17% more fat than men who didn’t get the supplement. This study suggests that green tea can boost the fat burning effects of exercise.
9 Green tea increases fat burning, both during exercise and during rest. There are studies that agree with this. Green tea selectively boosts the burning of fat, which may lead to reduced body fat in the long term.

Keep in mind that these benefits can be derived both from drinking green tea as a beverage, as well as taking green tea extract as a supplement.

So let us know in the comments below if you are using, or have ever used green tea to lose weight. Did this work for you?  Do you have other tips you would like to share with us?  We would love to hear from you.

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