The Orange Peel – Into the Garbage Bin or Home Remedy?

News flash!  Next time you eat an orange don’t discard the peel!  What if you could actually use them?  Here at StayHealthyTV we will share with you 9 of the benefits of orange peel, so that the next time you eat an orange, you might think twice before discarding the peel!

So let’s start:
1. Weight loss: Orange peel contains loads of fibre and is low in calories.  It adds bulk to food and increases your metabolism, eliminates fat and boosts energy levels.  Try orange peel tea by adding 1 and ½ tbsp orange zest per cup of water.  Boil for 10 mins and rest for another 5.
2. Immune system:  Eating orange peel provides amazing benefit.  The peel is loaded with vitamins, in fact most of the nutrition in the orange is located in the peel, so this boosts the immune system and provides relief from colds and flu.
3. Orange peels can help lower high blood pressure due to high levels of the flavonoid, hesperidin.
4. Oral health:  Bad breath, teeth whitening, sensitive teeth?  This is one of the benefits of eating orange peel – take care of oral health with a natural remedy.
5.  Cancer prevention:  Oranges have been found to contain many anti-cancer agents.  Eating orange peels can lower the risk of cancers namely skin, breast and colon cancer.
6.  Dandruff:  Orange peel tea is enriched with orange oil which has various medicinal benefits.  Orange oil is a well-known home remedy for treating dandruff.  Regular consumption of orange peel tea will hydrate your scalp and solve the problem naturally.
7. Skincare:  Ever notice all the orange-based skincare products on store shelves?  It’s because its great as an anti-inflammatory, clearing up acne and helping to combat dry or oily skin.  Applied to skin they work as a toner, remove dead cells and dirt and tighten pores.  It makes skin glowing and healthy!
8 Clears Acne:  Pimples occur when excess dirt, soot, or bacteria block your skin pores. How do orange peels help? They help by getting rid of dirt from deep inside the pores.  Make a simple face mask by grinding peels to a paste. Apply the paste to your face. This not only keeps acne at bay but also prevents oily skin from producing excess sebum.
9. And remember, the high amount of dietary fibre in orange peels helps regulate bowel movement, thereby preventing constipation.
So now you know … the health benefits of orange peel are undeniable.  Next time you eat an orange, think twice before you discard the peel?

Do you use orange peel for any other applications?  Perhaps as an air freshener, a citrus cleaner, bath oil?  Tell us about it! We’d love to hear from you, leave us a comment below.

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