Can you believe this! See what happens when you use baking soda!

When someone says baking soda what’s your first thought?  A rising agent when baking? Or a substance to make inside your fridge smell good?  Unbelievably, there’s so much more to baking soda and its uses and we are going to share some of these with you!

So 3 tips for your health:

1 Think Mylanta, Gaviscon and Tums – well, don’t think those any more.  Relieve heartburn and indigestion, bloating and gas with half a tsp of baking powder to 2 cups of water.  Drink an hour or so after eating.

2 Stomach acid is neutralized by baking soda so it’s the perfect remedy for stomach ulcers, if you mix 2 tsp baking soda in a glass of water and drink, this will help soothe and settle an upset stomach.

3. Your kidneys will benefit from drinking baking soda in water, as it will help your kidneys remove acid from your body and continue to maintain pH levels.

And 3 tips for your body:

1 A tsp of baking soda mixed with a little water to a paste can be rubbed on itchy spots and sunburn to relieve itchiness and discomfort.

2 By the same token use the same paste above for bug bites.  These things can itch like crazy so the paste applied throughout the day can be a big help to relive itching.

3 What about as a hand cleaner?  Baking soda mixed with warm water and rubbed on your hands can clean your hands of dirt and odours and it will leave them clean and soft!

There are so many uses and applications for baking soda, this is a gem you should always have in your kitchen cupboard.  And we haven’t even gotten into how baking soda is a quick fix if you run out of toothpaste, or how it can cleanse and soften laundry.

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