It Tastes Like SOAP! But Eat It Anyway - GREAT for Your Body!

Cilantro.  It’s well known for its ability to detoxify the body.  So how else does cilantro benefit our bodies?  Stay with me and I’m gonna tell you 7 ways:

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1 Cilantro’s main claim to fame is that it’s rich in Vitamin K.  This is essential for blood coagulation (it keeps you from bleeding to death when you cut yourself).  Vitamin K is also important for maintaining healthy bones

2 Cilantro is one of the very few herbs that can help to remove heavy metals from the body, especially mercury, aluminium and lead, to name a few.

3 Vitamin A promotes eye health, protecting against disorders like red eye, conjunctivitis, and macular degeneration.  Our skin, teeth, bones and tissues also benefit from Vitamin A.

4 It acts as a natural anti-fungal and antiseptic agent for skin disorders such as fungal infections and eczema.

5 Minerals, like manganese, are a big help for our blood health.  Cilantro helps to prevent anemia and it’s an excellent blood builder.

6 Packed full of antioxidants, consuming cilantro prevents kidney stones.  It also acts as a natural diuretic.

7 It contains immune-boosting properties and is said to help prevent urinary tract and fungal infections.

So while some claim this herb tastes like soap, there are many more who enjoy the fresh taste of cilantro and incorporate it into as many meals as they can, soups, pesto, marinades, rice dishes, it’s pretty versatile.

In fact, here is a cilantro smoothie recipe:

Throw in a blender (or a juicer if you prefer):  2 packed cups of cilantro, 1” fresh ginger, 2 limes, 2 cups spinach or parsley or half and half, 1 beet with its greens and 2 apples.  This will make about 2 litres.

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