Never Eat These Foods and Lose Weight FAST!

Trust me, we all know most of the foods we shouldn’t eat, especially if we’re trying to lose weight!  You know them – French fries and potato chips, candy bars, fruit juices, pastries, cookies, cakes, ice cream - the list is longer than this!

The worst foods for weight loss are highly processed junk foods. These foods are typically loaded with added sugar, refined wheat and/or added fats.

Have a look at these:

1 Sodas: Did you know there’s about 7 teaspoons of sugar in a 330 ml can of Coke?  Sodas have absolutely no useful nutrients and are loaded with sugar.  It’s no wonder they can cause spikes in insulin, making the body create and store fat.  There’s nothing good to say about these things … tasty?  Of course they are!  Good for you?  HELL NO!!  So keep these things off your shopping list if you want to lose weight!

2 Fast Food:  High in calories and trans fats.  The problem with trans fats is they can increase your risk of heart disease by reducing your good cholesterol and increasing the bad cholesterol.  Fast food is definitely one of the worst foods for weight loss.  You may be surprised to learn that a single serving of fast food can often provide all the calories a person would need for an entire day.  Here’s a good rule of thumb when trying to lose weight:  If you didn’t prepare it in your kitchen, don’t eat it!

3 Sweets:  Sweets and anything high in sugar.  Not only does sugar have a ton of calories; it can prompt the body to store more fat around your belly and thighs.  Just say NO to sugar if you’re serious about losing weight!  It’s about the worst thing you can eat!

4 Bread:  When you were a kid was bread one of those things always on the dinner table?  Some old habits die hard but being overly processed, white bread is definitely out of bounds!  Whole grains contain a lot more fibre than white bread, which has a high glycaemic index; this tends to promote weight gain.  Make wiser, healthier choices and keep bread off the shopping list.

5 Cereals:  Whole grain cereals can be satisfying in the morning, because they contain fibre.  What does fibre do?  It curbs your hunger and helps you to feel full.  Eating cereals at night, however, can lead to fat accumulation.  Generally, try to avoid high carb foods, especially close to bedtime, when our bodies burn less calories due to sleep.

Before you to the grocery market, learn 5 of the worst foods for weight loss and avoid these foods that don’t help you to burn fat.

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