Scientists confirm this amazing fruit kill cancer and more

Alternative cancer treatment!  That’s what this evergreen tree is widely promoted as.  What are we talking about?  Soursop - also known as Graviola. As well as being extremely delicious with a sharp aroma and a sweet-sour taste, all parts of the tree are useful and have medicinal properties.  Leaves are the most beneficial part of the tree and can be boiled to treat the following 5 issues:

1. Treatment of cancer:    Soursop gained widespread attention with claims across the internet about its potent ability to cure cancer.  A powerful compound in the fruit appears to be effective against liver and breast cancer cells.

2. Treats Uric Acid:  Eating the leaves help in treating gout.  Take 6 to 10 leaves that are still green and wash.  Boil the leaves in 2 cups of water and simmer until 1 cup of water remains.  Drink the tea twice a day for maximum benefits.

3 Back pain:  effective for treating backpain without any negative effects.  Boil 20 leaves in 5 cups of water until only 3 cups of water are left.  Drink ¾ cup once a day.

4 Eczema and Rheumatism:  The leaves are used as medicine.  Soursop reduces eczema on the skin and is a natural treatment for arthritis pain.  Mash leaves into a smooth paste and apply on the areas affected twice a day.

5: Boosts immune system and prevents infections:  Soursop is believed to boost the immune system to help fight off infections and viruses, as well as provides pain relief.  Even those with herpes, and eczema use the leaves to help their skin.

Aside from it’s amazing health benefits, the Soursop fruit is delicious.  This is an altogether remarkable tree.

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